To respond to these ambitious targets, many investments have been made available by public authorities and the dairy farming interprofession.

The State’s contribution amounting to MAD 2 billion will provide for:

  • An annual subsidy of MAD 4000 for each imported dairy cow,
  • Increased subsidies in favour of the following activities:
    • Investment in dairy farming,
    • National production of statutory dairy cows, in conformity with current norms and standards: MAD 4000 per cow during the first two years,
    • Acquisition of forage seeds,
  • Funding of skills upgrade to the benefit of dairy farmers and the genetic improvement of livestock,
  • Promoting investment in the downstream profession,
  • Improving identification and traceability of livestock,
  • Upgrading the norms and regulations framework.

The interprofessions’ contribution of MAD 10 billion aims at fulfilling the following commitments:

  • Creating between 400 and 500 productivist farms,
  • Establishing aggregation structures,
  • Improving dairy farmer’s skills and the livestock’s genetic heritage,
  • Improving qualifications and trainings of breeders and producers,
  • Strengthening the vertical integration of the downstream segment of dairy farming,
  • Supporting the development of new projects in milk processing,
  • Upgrading the existing units,
  • Enhancing national production especially in high lactation periods,
  • Promoting milk quality,
  • Developing consumption and distribution.

Achieving significant improvements in productivity